League NA servers hit 90% capacity amid coronavirus pandemic

Partners and pro player accounts were whitelisted.

Image via Riot Games

The North American servers for League of Legends reached 90 percent server capacity today, prompting Riot Games to increase the capacity, Riot Associate Program Manager Mel Capperino-Garcia said.

Capperino-Garcia said that after the NA servers hit 90 percent, Riot whitelisted partners and pro accounts so they would not have to deal with the extended queue times. Other regions will get the same treatment over the next day or two.

The reason partners and pros were given the whitelist treatment is because if players can’t get into the game, at least they could watch some of their favorite streamers or pros play, Capperino-Garcia said.

This capacity increase comes at a time when many are stuck at home because of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Some are out of school, while others cannot go to work because the growing spread of the coronavirus, which has shut down businesses or at least affected them.

Due to the pandemic, Riot has shifted many of its premier leagues to an online format to allow players to practice social distancing.