League fan showcases Guardian of the Sands Veigar skin concept with VFX

The fan took the concept to a new level with the VFX of the abilities.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans are creative and deliver various skin concepts from time to time. The latest skin to impress the community is Guardian of the Sands Veigar, created by Alfie Jäärf.

The artist said that he has been maining Veigar since 2012 and wanted to give him some love with this skin, which also comes with specially made VFX to match the skin.

Image via Alfie Jäärf

While at first look, the skin concept looks similar to Amumu with a staff, there are some clear differences. The champion is equipped with gold and green armor and a deadly gauntlet to unleash his devastating spells. The Tiny Master of Evil’s personality still shines through.

The artist posted his creation on Reddit, showcasing the special-made VFX for the skin. The abilities look great and fit the skin concept perfectly.

While Veigar currently has 13 skins to choose from, the Guardian of Sands’ unique concept stands out. It’s unlikely that the champion will get a new skin release soon, considering that he received an Astronaut-themed skin recently in July. But if he does, then this fan concept could be as a good source for inspiration for taking Veigar into a different direction.

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