League fan makes Jinx grenade out of metal

"I don't even think once about blowing stuff up."

Image via Riot Games

Reddit user Miscreations shared an incredibly lifelike “Jinx Bomb” they created from metal inspired by the League of Legends animated series Arcane.

True to the show’s depiction of Jinx’s weaponry, the Reddit user showed off the realistic raptor-like hand grenade that Jinx uses as her weapon of choice several times throughout the show. Complete with even the sporadic blue markings present across many of Jinx’s creations, the device looks like it was pulled right out of the screen.

The weighty metal replica comes with a pin mechanism to mimic the actual usage of a grenade. This particular grenade, referenced as a “chomper” in both the series and League, even features closable jaws to truly give life to the name. While the gadget is solely used for trapping purposes in Riot’s MOBA, it has a clear proclivity for exploding in Arcane.

Jinx’s arsenal hosts a wide variety of weapons seen in use throughout the series. From the ineffective Mauzer to the legendary Fishbones, Jinx’s skill as a tinkerer increases gradually throughout the series—as does the lethality of her devices. The chompers are a near ever-present tool at Jinx’s disposal, being used at several critical points throughout the series.

Arcane has inspired plenty of community creations since its release. The critically acclaimed animated series quickly rose to the top of Netflix worldwide and resonated with fans and newcomers to the universe alike. From cosplay to metalwork, the League community has found creative ways to bring the beloved series to life.

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