League fan pitches idea for a perfect Dark Star Karthus skin concept

The chorus of death echoes from the cosmos.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Dark Star skin line is one of the more eerie and sinister cosmetics that Riot Games has made, so wouldn’t it make sense if Karthus joined their ranks? A League fan created a great pitch for why the harbinger of oblivion would be the perfect addition to the Dark Star skin line, complete with lore and abilities.

“Karthus sees beauty in death,” the Reddit user said. “He seeks life’s end and finds joy in seeing people cross to the other side. His character has that poetic personality that makes him a perfect candidate for a Dark Star skin. Most, if not all of his quotes are absolutely perfect for the DS universe.”

It makes perfect sense why Karthus would be one of the best skins to join the Dark Star universe. He’s already a ghastly figure, so imagining him as a spectral being that travels the cosmos destroying all life isn’t that far off. Additionally, making all of his abilities more space-themed could actually make him one of the more visually-impressive champs in the game.

From his Q ability that’s an “imploding star that turns into a black hole” to his E ability represented by a dark, swirling galaxy, Karthus’ kit is filled with multiple abilities that could look great in a Dark Star setting.

His ultimate would even have a black hole open up underneath enemy champions, shrinking with time. When the ult expires, the black hole expands rapidly and explodes. During the ultimate’s channel, a chorus of screams could ramp up until the ultimate activates, to which no sound can be heard.

“We all have a place among the divine. We have only to accept it.”