League fan creates highlight video of T1’s Faker and Gumayusi casting tournament finals

Faker and Gumayusi proved their casting skills during a preseason tournament.

Photo by Riot Games via Flickr

During a preseason Korean tournament last December, iconic T1 players Faker and Gumayusi showed League of Legends fans their casting skills, joining legendary LCK casters Chun “Caster Jun” Yong-jun and Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo on the broadcast.

Faker and Gumayusi are two of the most respected and popular players at the moment, especially due to T1’s great performance so far during the 2022 LCK Spring Split, where they have an undefeated 14-0 record. While the community has seen plenty of their strong play on the Rift, many fans were excited to hear the two sharing some insights on the analyst desk. Reddit user u/kimmmmehy recently translated their best casting moments, giving the Western community a chance to judge their analyst skills for themselves.

“Vex has been gaining in popularity because Faker has been playing it recently… Do you have any tips or tricks for playing her?” the casters asked the T1 mid laner. “Those are actually trade secrets,” the legendary player said, keeping some cards up his sleeve for T1’s upcoming games.

There were also some historic names from Korea’s league on the teams playing during Faker and Gumayusi’s cast, like former KT Rolster top laner Smeb, ex-Afreeca AD carry Sangyoon, and former Afreeca support SnowFlower.

Based on the comments on the video itself and in the Reddit thread, the community is looking forward to potentially seeing Faker as a caster or coach in the future, whenever he decides to retire as a pro player, due to his great knowledge and communicative skills. But before that day comes, Faker still has plenty of games to play on the Rift this year (and possibly beyond).


Pablo Suárez