League fan creates concept art, splash art, and in-game model for Spirit Blossom Evelynn

Evelynn fits right into the popular thematic with this art.

The Spirit Blossom event, which was held in the summer of 2020, remains one of the most popular events in League of Legends history, complete with an immersive narrative journey and multiple popular skins. Many fans hope that Spirit Blossom will return in some capacity, while others are documenting their ideas for what they hope to see from the event in the future.

One fan created splash art, concept art, and an in-game model for a Spirit Blossom skin for Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace. In this skin, Evelynn ditches her more demon-like appearance for a more human-like one, highlighting her role as a seductress.

The skin concept includes multiple bright shades of blue and pink, a style choice evident within the other skins released as part of the Spirit Blossom line. Other concepts that the artists created made Evelynn fit in a bit more with the other Spirit Blossom champions, but ultimately it seems they believed Evelynn deserved to stand out and retain aspects of her terrifying nature.

Evelynn’s demon form looks even more menacing in this fan skin. Her tails, with faces of their own, light up in an eerie purple glow while Evelynn’s demon horns grow immensely. The detail in Evelynn’s face also disappears, instead shrouding her in complete darkness so that all her foes can see before they meet their doom is a twisted purple grin.

The popularity of the Spirit Blossom event prompted the creation of last year’s Sentinels of Light event, which was met with overwhelmingly negative reactions. Riot has since spoken about the expectations players had for the event, and confirmed it will be looking at more narrative-based events in the future. It is currently unclear if Spirit Blossom will return in some capacity in the future.