Xpecial’s record day leads Curse over LMQ, Cloud9

Curse Gaming and their all-star support Alex “Xpecial” Chu have put together a disappointing League Championship Series season so far

Curse Gaming and their all-star support Alex “Xpecial” Chu have put together a disappointing League Championship Series season so far. But yesterday two wins helped erase some of those bad memories, while Chu became the first support in America to reach 1000 career assists in the 100th game of his career.

Chu earned his reputation as perhaps the best support in League of Legends while a member of Team SoloMid, but since moving to Curse Gaming at the start of the this season, he’s struggled to have an all-star impact.

Today, though, he was unstoppable, pulling off a series of amazing Thresh hooks that dominated his lane against LMQ. Despite a bad early game matchup against a Corki and Nami, he gave his marksman David “Cop” Roberson four kills on the hyper carry Kog’Maw. Chu followed it up with strong play on Leona, helping his team to a win against Cloud9.

“Against LMQ, in practice, we’ve really destroyed them with Thresh,” said Chu in his post-game interview. Chu was surprised they left the champion open, and punished them for it. “Normally I don’t carry that hard with a champion, but LMQ has just been a team that’s really susceptible to that aggression.”

Chu continued to carry against Cloud9 with one of the smartest players of the match, sneaking behind Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi to catch him completely unawares, securing Roberson another early kill in a game where kills were at a premium.

Against LMQ, Chu posted an impressive 2/3/19 KDA line, leading his marksman Roberson to a ridiculous 12/2/9 game. Against Cloud9, his line was 0/1/2, but it was an odd game. Over a 53 minutes of gameplay, the two teams totalled only six kills, with four of them going in Curse’s favor. Part of the reason why was Chu’s ability to control vision and marshall his team to control the map.

Chis his his career milestone against LMQ, the first support to reach 1000 career assists in the NA region. He joins Peter “DoubleLift” Peng and Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez as a record setters. Both players reached 500 kills earlier this week, the fastest to that mark for their regions. Chu and Peng hit their markers in their 100th games in the LCS, a tally reached by many original LCS players this week.

“Surprising. I had no idea [1000 assists] was even coming up. Unlike DoubleLift, I can’t say I’m the best,” laughed Chu, referencing Peng’s sarcastic post-game interview yesterday. “But I’d like to say that it’s been fun.”

The two victories give Curse Gaming a little breathing room, boosting them to 7-10 on the season, a couple of games above the two teams slated for relegation, Complexity at 5-11 and Evil Geniuses at 4-13. The win over Cloud9 moved Curse just two games behind last season’s champions, within striking distance of moving up even further in the standings.

Curse has shown the ability to challenge any team all season long, but they haven’t made good on the promise they’ve shown, often failing to play a strong enough early game to avoid getting behind. But with Chu turning in games like this, they can certainly get around that problem.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube