LCS match between Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest postponed due to technical issues

The match will take place on Feb. 26.

Image via Riot Games

The first day of the LCS Super Week was set to finish with a highly-anticipated match between the first-place FlyQuest and Evil Geniuses seeking another win to prove themselves to fans and players alike. Yet due to unforeseen circumstances, this game has been delayed to a later date, and therefore the standings remain incomplete to start week four.

Technical issues in the LCS studio, many of which were present during the previous match between Immortals and CLG, resulted in the postponement of the battle between good and EVIL. This is the first time in the history of the LCS regular season that a game has been postponed, though these have occurred at events such as the World Championship.

“League officials have identified a technical issue that they believe will impact the integrity of the upcoming game,” the LCS said in a statement on Twitter. The match will be postponed to a later date, though no specifics were given. It is likely that these teams will compete against one another before week four of the Spring Split ends.

Issues regarding latency in the LCS Studio resulted in multiple pauses during the game between Immortals and CLG, all of which occurred in the span of 10 minutes. LCS officials deemed they would not impact the outcome of that game, though players appeared to be frustrated with the constant interruptions to their game. Immortals were eventually able to close out the game and maintain the lead that they had maintained before the pauses occurred.

The first Super Week of the 2022 LCS Spring Split is set to continue tomorrow, though there are currently no details as to when this matchup between EG and FlyQuest will take place. EG will compete tomorrow against Golden Guardians and Sunday against CLG. FlyQuest are expected to battle Immortals tomorrow and finish their weekend against Cloud9.

Update Feb. 26 11:42am CT: The match between FlyQuest and Evil Geniuses has been rescheduled to today, according to the LCS, and will take place before FlyQuest’s scheduled game against Immortals. Sunday’s schedule has also been changed as a result.