Team that picked first in EU LCS Week 11 won 69% of the time

The final week of the European League Championship Series didn’t disappoint

The final week of the European League Championship Series didn’t disappoint. Despite the fact that five teams were all within a game of the No. 1 seed, there are no ties going into playoffs. And with playoffs on the line, teams fought their hardest and it shows in the stats.

The gold split has never been closer—in fact, less than 350 GPM separate the 4-0 SK Gaming from 0-4 Supa Hot Crew. Many teams ended their final week with a 2-2 record. The EU side of the LCS, which has long stood as a symbol of league parity, reinforced that notion with such a tight final week.

Check out the complete stats from Week 11 below (click for a larger image).

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At first glance, it might seem strange to see SK and Millenium hogging the MVP lists. But SK’s 4-0 record included some outstanding performances from their players, while Millenium (despite finishing in last place) put up a huge fight in the final week and ended with the third-highest income rate. Perhaps the strangest notable, though, is the blue side winning rate of 69 percent. Getting the first pick, in such a close league, seems to be making a big difference.

Image via Riot Games