LCK 2016 All-Stars Vote Results

Who made the all-star team from the LCK? Find out here.

The first set of results from the All-Star votes is in and the LCK team seems all but finalised, providing none of the team backs out and is replaced by others.

The LCK team taking part in All-Stars this year is as follows:

  • Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho (ROX)
  • Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong (SKT)
  • Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok (SKT)
  • Kim “PraY” Jong-in (ROX) 
  • Hong “MadLife” Min-gi (CJ)

While it is a shame to see no players from Samsung Galaxy represented, all we can do is show you how the voting went down for the top three players at each position. Here is a full list of the results for each lane, with the top three being shown:


  • 1st – ROX Smeb: 57.2%
  • 2nd – SSG CuVee: 17.8%
  • 3rd – CJ Entus: 9.2%


  • 1st – SK Telecom T1 Bengi: 46.2%
  • 2nd – ROX Tigers Peanut: 21.9%
  • 3rd – SSG Ambition: 14.1%


  • 1st – SK Telecom T1 Faker: 83.0%
  • 2nd – SSG Crown: 4.0%
  • 3rd 0 Afreeca Freecs Mickey: 3.4%

AD Carry

  • 1st – ROX Tigers PraY: 51.9%
  • 2nd – SK Telecom T1 Bang: 28.1%
  • 3rd – SSG Ruler: 6.6%


  • 1st – CJ Entus Madlife: 47.6%
  • 2nd – SSG CoreJJ: 23.9%
  • 3rd – ROX Tigers Gorilla: 10.1%

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