KT Rolster signs Cuzz and Aiming to 2-year deals

KT Rolster signs its starting ADC and junglers to two-year deals.

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KT Rolster has signed jungler Cuzz and AD carry Aiming, the organization announced today. The LCK team is still in the middle of establishing its starting League of Legends roster for the 2022 competitive season since its top and mid lane positions remain vacant.

Aiming will make a return to KT Rolster on a two-year deal, according to the official contract database. The 21-year-old ADC began his LCK career on Afreeca Freecs before joining KT Rolster initially in 2019. During the 2021 season, Aiming went to the LPL to play on Bilibili Gaming but is returning to the LCK after only one year abroad.

Welcome Cuzz!Cuzz 문우찬 선수가 kt Rolster에 합류하게 되었습니다.2년간 kt Rolster와 함께할 커즈 선수에게 많은 관심과 응원 부탁드립니다.

Posted by KT롤스터(Rolster-Story) on Friday, November 19, 2021

Cuzz was released by his former roster, T1, only days ago and is now set to compete with its perennial rival for the upcoming season. KT Rolster will be Cuzz’s third team in the LCK. He began his career on Longzhu Gaming in 2017, where the jungler was a part of their 2017 Worlds run.

The two-time LCK champion was a part of T1’s 10-man roster in 2021 but he saw relatively little stage time. Cuzz is expected to be the starting jungler of KT Rolster, though.

Welcome Back Aiming!Aiming 김하람 선수가 kt Rolster에 다시 합류하게 되었습니다.2년간 kt Rolster에서 멋진 모습을 보여줄 에이밍 선수에게 많은 관심과 응원 부탁드립니다.

Posted by KT롤스터(Rolster-Story) on Friday, November 19, 2021

KT Rolster is looking to break a long streak of middling results with its 2022 roster. During the 2021 season, KT finished in seventh place for both the Spring and Summer Split. The last time the historic LCK organization made the playoffs was in the 2020 Spring Split and its most recent international Worlds showing was in 2018.

Though it’s been some time since KT Rolster has experienced the success it was once accustomed to, the org’s new roster will look to turn things around for the team and its fans next year.

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