K’Sante is getting a mega LoL rework that will be going live very soon

Riot isn’t giving up on the Pride of Nazumah.

Prestige Empyrean K'Sante stands with his Ntofo weapons in his hands in League of Legends.
Image via Riot Games

K’Sante has only been part of the League of Legends roster for 329 days, but Riot Games is already plotting a massive overhaul for the Pride of Nazumah.

The bruiser’s health, armor growth, passive, and his Ntofo Strikes, Path Maker, and All Out abilities are all being changed, with the Riot developers loading the planned tweaks onto League’s PBE testing realm early on Sept. 27. Only his E ability, Footwork, has been left unscathed in the sweeping update.

The changes, which may still be tweaked between now and when they are expected to go live on Wednesday, Oct. 11 next month, hit everything from his raw Q and ultimate damage to how many knockbacks, slows, and stuns he can employ.

If you’re expecting a shopping list of buffs, nerfs, and ability overhauls, you’d be very right⁠—I’ve included all the details below.

It’s far from surprising that Riot is taking another swing at the Pride of Nazumah heading into the 2024 League preseason though; since his arrival in November 2022, he has swung between terrible and broken.

As of writing, K’Sante has a flagging 47.84 percent win rate in high Elo, according to League stats tracking page Lolalytics, but it wasn’t so long ago that the top laner was one of the most banned characters in professional play. While he often sags in solo queue, especially in lower ranks, he has enjoyed periods of supremacy in the last year that saw him winning as many as 55.97 percent of ranked matches.

Many League players have long demanded Riot take another swing at the divisive champ, especially his Q ability. Those same fans will be smiling today considering just how many of his moves are being changed.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll have to wait some time before this K’Sante hits live servers; this rework is only live on the League PBE today.

K’Sante League rework changes


  • Health changed from 610 plus 108 to 570 plus 115.
  • Armor growth increased from 4.7 to 5.2.


  • Passive mark no longer scales with 20 percent bonus resists during R.

Q ⁠— Ntofo Strikes

  • Base damage reduced from 50-150 to 30-150.
  • Empowered Q cooldown reduction changed from one second to 25 percent.
  • Empowered Q now applies a slow.

W ⁠— Path Maker

  • W damage changed from 2-3 percent up to 7-8 percent based on charge to 20-100 plus 50 percent attack damage plus 30 percent bonus resists plus 6-10 percent max health (flat).
  • W stun duration increased from 0.3-0.85 seconds based on charge to 1.25.
  • Empowered W now reduces charge time to 0.5 seconds.
  • Empowered W no longer increases damage.
  • Empowered W damage reduction changed from 30 percent plus 1.2 percent per 100 base health plus 12 percent bonus resists to 50-75 percent based on level.
  • Empowered W now reduces cooldown from 24-16 to 18-12 seconds.

R ⁠— All Out

  • R non-wall damage changed from 35-105 plus 20 percent attack damage to 70-150 plus 100 percent ability power.
  • R wall damage changed from 150-350 plus 20 percent attack damage to 70-150 plus 100 percent ability power.
  • R bonus attack damage changed from five plus 32.5 percent bonus resists to 15-45 plus 25 percent bonus resists.
  • R omnivamp changed from 10 percent plus 0.75 percent per 100 bonus health to 10-20 percent.
  • R now grants 25-45 percent bonus attack speed.
  • R health increased from 55 percent max health to 65 percent.
  • R knockback reduced from 350 to 300.

Several League leakers on Twitter and Reddit are claiming these changes will go live in Patch 13.20 next month, but everything is tentative until Riot says otherwise.


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