Korean Challenger player outplays 2 enemies on Irelia in style

"And now... I dance alone."

Image via Riot Games

While League of Legends is a team game, some matches can be decided by an individual outplay. And those who have played the game for a while now have certainly experienced getting carried by a skilled (or fed) player.

As you climb in solo queue, the chances of you seeing impressive plays will rise. Thus, it’s not that surprising that most of the clips that make your jaw drop come from Challenger-ranked players, like the one posted by Bernablade on Reddit.

The clip showcases the abilities of a Korean solo queue player who is currently in the top 200 of the Korean server. In the video, the player was playing Irelia in the top lane and was certainly off to a great start with a 4/0/0 scoreline in 11 minutes.

Their lane opponent didn’t have an easy game. When Irelia started to unleash her power on Jax, he was three levels behind. Nevertheless, aid in the form of Lee Sin was on the way. But the two enemies didn’t know that it wasn’t enough to stop the Blade Dancer.

Irelia presented a brilliant example of how to maximize the potential of Defiant Dance (W) and Blade Surge (Q), jumping between minions and champions by using the latter and dodging the incoming skill shots. The opponents gave their best effort to take her down, yet it was close but no cigar.

The Irelia player won the game in less than 22 minutes, according to OP.gg. All in all, such an outplay coming from this player is expected since once you take a glimpse at their picks this season, you’ll see they’ve played 199 games on the Blade Dancer. If there’s someone to take up the mantle of an Irelia master, this player could be one of the favorites to do so.