Fnatic drop Noxiak, bring in LCS rookie Klajbajk

It hasn’t been an ideal start to the 2016 League Championship Series for title holders Fnatic

It hasn’t been an ideal start to the 2016 League Championship Series for title holders Fnatic. And in a bid to try and kickstart their performance, the team has decided to make a change in the support role. Newcomer Lewis “Noxiak” Felix will be stepping down to make way for LCS rookie Johan “Klajbajk” Olsson.

The Swedish player has never featured for a team in the Challenger Series or the LCS, however star AD carry Martin “Rekkles” Larsson sees potential in him. Olsson is currently in the top 50 players in challenger league and had been duo queueing with Larsson before travelling to Berlin.According to sources close to the team, Felix was told to leave the gaming house “as soon as possible” after the team decided to bring Olsson in. Olsson arrived in the gaming house earlier today.

Olsson has limited competitive experience in League of Legends, though he did feature on a majority Turkish MeetYourMakers lineup and was able to pick up second place at Dreamhack Winter 2015 with an all Swedish lineup, falling to 3SupEnterprises in the grand final. Olsson was also a member of the Na’Vi lineup when that organization made a return to League of Legends.

Fnatic have started the Spring split with five wins and three defeats, not the record they hoped for even after making three roster changes during the off season. The team currently sits in fourth place behind G2 Esports, H2K Gaming, and the team that can now be considered their long-term rivals, Unicorns of Love. Fnatic will face the Unicorns in week five along with a bout against Elements, who have been having their own struggles.

Photo via Riot Games/Flickr (All rights reserved, used with permission)

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