Keria praises 5-man rosters amid T1’s poor start to 2021 LCK season

"In a five-man roster, the players cheer each other up," he said.

Photo via Riot Games

T1 has been in a transitional period since signing up-and-coming support Ryu “Keria” Min-seok from DragonX in the offseason, switching and swapping out players from the League of Legends team’s 10-man roster on a game-to-game basis. 

T1 have left much to be desired in the LCK this year, sitting in the middle of the standings with a 6-5 record and uncharacteristically losing to what would usually be considered lesser teams. One possible reason for T1’s failure to perform at a consistent level could be due to the team’s 10-man roster.

Keria, the only T1 player to start in all 11 series this split, praised five-man rosters in a recent interview with FOMOS

“In a five-man roster, the players cheer each other up, and as we keeping playing together, the better teamwork we have,” he said. But “in [a] 10-man roster situation, because members are rotating [from the team]” synergy “lacks” when compared to five-man rosters. 

Keria didn’t delve into the details of T1’s struggles, but it’s clear there’s cause for concern for the team. That being said, it’s early days for T1 and the team has plenty of time to decide on a consistent roster. The team could be more than willing to sacrifice games at this early stage of the split, testing the waters for when it comes down to the playoffs in April. 

T1 will look to improve on their record when they go head-to-head with league leaders DWG KIA on Saturday, Feb. 27.

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