Keane discovers new TFT bug that makes Seraph’s Embrace useless on Twisted Fate

You’re better off putting the item on another unit.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics players may want to think twice before putting a Seraph’s Embrace on Twisted Fate. A new bug that fails to restore mana after spell cast is plaguing the autobattler, and Jang “Keane” Lae-young found out the hard way.

The Korean streamer discovered the bug during his Twitch broadcast yesterday in which Seraph’s failed to restore mana to his Twisted Fate.

The item, which is built by combining two Tear of the Goddess, is supposed to restore 20 mana to a unit each time a spell is cast. So every time Twisted Fate would use one of his cards, his mana should start at 20. Unfortunately for the card-slinger, and Keane, the bug prevented what would normally be some good synergy between the unit and the item.

Despite eventually getting a two-star Twisted Fate, Keane decided to abandon his sorcerers and sell the pirate. The streamer put Seraph’s on his Aurelion Sol instead, where the item seemed to work properly. Keane went on to dominate the rest of the match, using Dragon Shapeshifters to win the game.

Though TFT’s developers haven’t addressed the issue yet, it will likely be fixed in the next patch.

Keane began his professional gaming career with League of Legends, where he played for Curse, Dignitas, FlyQuest, and TSM. The streamer currently has two TFT accounts in Challenger. Fans eager to watch Keane’s climb to rank one can watch him stream daily on his Twitch channel.