KaKAO, Rookie, and Save talk about their dream girls

Note: I'm translating only from 0:00 - 4:06 because I don't find the ice cream competition very interesting. :P I'm also translating from Korean -> Chinese -> English, so there may be things lost in translation. KaKAO: Hi everyone.

Note: I’m translating only from 0:00 – 4:06 because I don’t find the ice cream competition very interesting. 😛 I’m also translating from Korean -> Chinese -> English, so there may be things lost in translation.

KaKAO: Hi everyone. I’m iG’s jungler KaKAO. Happy New Year, everyone~

Rookie: Hi everyone, hi fans of iGamers. I’m iG’s Rookie. Happy New Year, everyone.

Save: Hello fans of iGamers, hi everyone~ I’m iG’s Save. Happy New Year, everyone.

Who is your favorite champion?

KaKAO: The reason why I chose Lee Sin is.. aish, I mean my favorite champion is Lee Sin. The reason is because I’ve played him for a long time, and he’s the champion I’m best at playing. So I like him a lot.

Rookie: My favorite champion is Azir because his dance is really interesting. When you use ctrl+1 to make him dance, he’ll turn into a bird. You can also use ctrl+2 so that he dances with his soldiers. I feel good playing him so he’s my favorite.

Save: My favorite champion is Leblanc because her potential damage output is really high.

Who is your best Chinese friend in iG?

KaKAO: In iG, the player I’m closest to is Kitties. [What’s the reason?] Kitties really lets people feel comfortable.

Rookie: In iG, I resemble Kid the most. But in terms of age, I am closest to Kitties. The reason is because Kitties is very easy going. Even though I look like Kid the most, he has the temperament of a much older brother. He’s like the eldest brother, always looking out for us, so I also like him a lot.

Save: In iG, the player I’m closest to is top-laner Pokemon because his personality is very lively.

Which team will be your biggest rival in the 2015 Word Cup?

KaKAO: Because Season 4… ah, I mean Season 5 just started, it’s hard to say right now which team will be the biggest competition. Our first goal is to play well in the LPL, the rest we’ll continue to see.

Rookie: I think Season 5’s World Championship, our biggest competitor will be Korea’s GE Tigers. The reason is because their bot-lane. Pray is strong in every aspect, so they will be the biggest competitor.

Save: Hm.. the World Championship’s biggest competitor is Najin e-mFire because they were my old teammates.

What kind of soup do you want to have now: Kimchi, Miso or Ginseng?

KaKAO: Miso.

Rookie: Kimchi.

Save: Kimchi.

Which MC is your dream girl: LCS (Sjokz), OGN (Eun Jung Cho), or LPL (Xiao Liu/Bao Bao)?


Rookie: None of them. No, really, none of them. Haha.

Save: OGN.

Rookie (in the background): Can I record this part again?

Rookie: They’re all hosts I really like but, before, I really enjoyed having a lot to do in Korea. For example, right now a very popular celebrity is APink’s BoMi. I really like her. Please cheer for me, BoMi! Haha~ Yeah!

2015’s Powerful Champion

KaKAO: Kalista will be a champion that will be pretty popular because right now there are a lot of people who are practicing Kalista. When a lot of people are good at playing her, she’ll be more likely to appear in competition. That’s why I chose Kalista.

Rookie: The champion I think will be popular is Malzahar. The reason is our coach says he can silence and suppress a lot of skills that mid-lane champions have. PoohManDu said it’s a good way to attack our opposing mid-lane; at the same time, it’s a good way to carry teammates, so I think he’ll be really popular.

Save: Hm.. a popular champion.. because I’ve been listening to Coach PoohManDu, Katarina in top lane will be very powerful.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKDWReUOSrE