Jhin player scores hilarious Pentakill in wild level-one League invade

That's a lot of gold.

This League of Legends player might have just gotten one of the greatest starts any AD carry could ask for in this level one Jhin pentakill onto the enemy team.

Every League player dreams of the early laning phase gank from a jungler or getting the sneaky level one five-versus-fives, but nobody could have ever seen this play coming.

The video starts with Jhin’s team going for an invade into the red side’s blue buff, where Sylas paths down into the blue buff and knowingly goes into the group of five players before dying instantaneously. The first kill goes to Master Yi. Now one man down, the enemy Nautilus engages Alistar in a four-versus-five that surely cannot go in their favor in any level one. 

As a result, the entire enemy team gets whittled down by Jhin as he picks off each member of the enemy team one by one. The AD carry grabs a quadra kill. However, things get interesting as Sylas, who was the first to die in the video, teleports back into a losing fight. Jhin is able to finish the Sylas off with a flash-auto, thus completing one of the weirdest level one plays ever.

The one-minute video, uploaded to Reddit by user, U/nalodeu, has over 2k upvotes on Reddit as the antics have the League community both in awe and shambles as to how this play was even possible. “That Sylas died and then tp’d back into a losing fight,” one Redditor, u/Nothalox, laughed in the comment section.

The play is quite interesting to most because of the commitment from the entire team to not let Sylas’ death go in vain, so much so that Sylas died twice before laning phase.

And if it was not obvious, u/nalodeu, who was Jhin’s bot lane partner Alistar, went on to clarify he and his team had won the game from that point onward, highlighting a “1,500 gold lead at level one” as something that is hard to throw away. 

Imagine being the enemy AD carry knowing your opposing AD carry has a BF sword, potion, and a Doran’s blade, trying to CS like any other day. Hard to imagine that anything would go in your favor at that point.

And, for Jhin’s teammates, the next 15-20 minutes become a fun experience while the enemy’s can only spam surrender, waiting for the game to end.

Nonetheless, whether you were the Jhin who got a pentakill at level one, or the Sylas who got killed twice in one minute, you can’t help but appreciate the abnormality of that League of Legends game before moving onto the next one.