Jack Etienne says this iteration of C9’s League team has sustainable strength, isn’t dependent on meta or level of competition

Welcome to the Cloud9 era.

Photo via Riot Games

The drought is over for Cloud9 League of Legends fans. Their favorite team finally won their first LCS championship since 2014 yesterday.

But fans should expect plenty more success in the future, according to the team’s CEO Jack Etienne. He believes that this roster has sustainable strength that can carry through any opposition or meta.

“The team that we built now is stably strong,” Etienne said in an interview after C9’s series against FlyQuest. “I know that we’re not dependent on a specific meta, and it doesn’t really matter what competitors come down the road—we’ll be able to adjust and continue to be strong.”

With the players they’ve accrued, Etienne said that C9 have “set up the building blocks for sustained strength,” which is something that many teams search for but only a few can find.

There are only a handful of teams in League history that have found this “sustainable strength” that Etienne speaks of. One team that comes to mind is the LEC’s G2 Esports. The European powerhouse quickly became one of the best squads in the world due to their outright firepower and flexibility with their star-studded lineup.

Although C9 still has plenty to prove, they’ve shown the potential to be one of the best teams in the Western world after their dominant performance this season. Throughout the regular season and playoffs, C9 only dropped two games—one in the regular season against TSM and one in the playoffs against Evil Geniuses.

The real test for this roster, however, will be international play. Many people consider North America as one of the weakest major regions in the world, so C9 will have to prove the doubters wrong again once the stage is set for MSI or Worlds this year.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split is scheduled to start on May 16.

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