IG’s TheShy finishes 2020 Mid-Season Cup with 2 kills through 3 games

TheShy has completely fallen out of form.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2020 Mid-Season Cup wasn’t kind to Invictus Gaming fans after the team was bounced out of the tournament today with three straight losses. And one of the biggest disappointments came from top laner TheShy.

TheShy has been touted as one of the best players in the world, but he struggled throughout MSC 2020. Over the past three games, the 20-year-old League of Legends star only had two kills and six assists to go with 18 deaths.

The rest of his team didn’t perform any better, though. For example, jungler Ning only had three kills through three games with 14 deaths to boot. In fact, the top side of the map failed to find their stride as they played throughout the online tournament.

The 20-year-old top laner’s woes began during the 2020 LPL Spring playoffs after an impressive season where IG finished in first place. TheShy ended the postseason with the most deaths of any playoff-bound LPL top laner, even though he also had the highest damage percentage in his role.

This inconsistency has held him back and it showed during his matchups with players like DragonX’s Doran and JD Gaming’s Zoom.

It’s odd to think that two years ago, IG looked like a dynasty that could span years with the combo of TheShy and Rookie at the helm. Now, they’ve given way for new teams like TOP Esports, JD Gaming, and the 2019 world champs, FunPlus Phoenix.