How to use both the Warding Totem and Oracle Lens at level 1 in League of Legends

Here's a helpful reminder from the LEC.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, vision can make all the difference in a game of League of Legends, especially at the pro level. LEC content producer Renato “Shakarez” Perdigão has reminded players of a neat way to get some early vision control with the Warding Totem and Oracle Lens at level one.

In the early game, vision can be useful for detecting jungle invades, ambushes, and steal attempts from the enemy team. This is why most players choose the Warding Totem when spawning in for the first time. The Oracle Lens is also useful, however, especially for junglers looking for quick gank opportunities and invades of their own.

Usually, players aren’t able to use both vision-based trinkets in close succession. But if you run out from spawn, quickly lay down a trinket ward, and recall, you should still be able to switch to an Oracle Lens. The trinket should then be available at around 1:30.

Many junglers who have their buffs easily stolen from them use this trick to keep vision of their own camps. It’s useful to see if they’re getting invaded so that they can counter-invade to stay even in gold and resources.

Other players can also use this tactic to track enemy jungler movement so that they know when to go in for ganks, skirmishes, and full-on dives. If an early ward spots out a jungler on a path toward the top side of the map, for example, the jungler can plan out a gank on the bottom side with full confidence that their team will have a numbers advantage.

Watch for multiple pro teams to exercise this strategy during LEC and LCS game days. It’s one of the lesser-known methods of getting early control, but it can have a big impact on the map when done correctly.