How to unlock your camera in League of Legends

Take your gameplay to the next level.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends caters to both new and returning players with customization options. One of the key features that have helped new players is the ability to lock the camera to their champion.

For new players, this gives them an easier way to follow the gameplay and learn the controls without worrying about the camera drifting away. Alternatively, having the camera unlocked allows the player to quickly look around the map and hone in on key situations taking place outside of their vicinity.

There are times where playing locked screen can cause some issues, namely when an enemy champion is lying in wait offscreen or teammates are attempting to bring something to the player’s attention on the map. This, however, can easily be fixed. Even with the camera locked, players can click on the minimap to see a position or use the hotkeys to focus the camera on their allies.

Once you have the basics down and are comfortable with League, you may want to use free cam to take your gameplay to the next level.

Here’s how you can unlock the camera in League of Legends.

The simplest way is to toggle the locked camera off with the button found in-game.

Screengrab via Riot Games

You can see this option on the left-hand side of the minimap as a small camera icon. By pressing this icon, you will lock or unlock the camera.

Another easy way to achieve the same results is to use the keyboard hotkey that will toggle the camera locking. This is by default set to the letter Y, but you can customize what key triggers this feature in the control settings.

There is an issue that players commonly face where the game will be stuck in either locked or free camera mode and will not respond to any of the methods listed above. If this bug occurs, you can usually get away fixing it by pressing on the minimap and dragging your cursor around to the map. Sometimes this is all it takes, but in other cases players have been forced to restart their client, or in the most severe cases, reinstalling the game entirely.

Ultimately the choice of playing with a locked or free camera is going to come down to the player. The key is to find what works for you and helps to achieve the desired results in-game.

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