How to get a 3* unit before round 3-1 in TFT

Just keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'.

Image via Riot Games

The new Teamfight Tactics weekly challenge is leaving some players puzzled. And for a very good reason, too.

Acquiring a three-star unit isn’t difficult, but getting one before stage 3-1 is an entirely different story. 

Here’s how to get a 3* unit before stage 3-1

Screengrab via Riot Games

There are a few ways to complete this task, but hyperrolling is by far the easiest and the most effective method. You can most definitely play the game at your own pace and get a lucky spate of one-star units, but it’s never wise to count on RNG.

Unfortunately, hyperrolling in the early game isn’t a good idea if you want to win, so consequently, it may be wise to complete this challenge in normal mode.

The trick to collecting a three-star unit before round 3-1 is fishing for one-star units, while never leveling up. You should also completely avoid any two or three-cost units, even in the opening carousal.

It’s also advised to intentionally lose rounds to kick off a losing streak and earn even more gold. Once you have a few Kha’zixs on your bench, maybe a couple of Garens, and a Tristana or two, you should be on your way to your three-star goal.

When the Krugs appear ahead of stage 3-1, it’s time to roll. Look for as many matching one-star units as possible. Now, spend your gold and bet on one unit. Keep rolling until you’ve completed the mission.

It’s absolutely fine keeping an array of different units on your bench, though make sure to actively seek out your most common unit. You won’t much time here, so spend it wisely.

Once you’ve gotten your three-star unit, the challenge is complete. You can now surrender, or play on. The choice is yours.