How to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

League's mythic system is now shiny and streamlined.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends Patch 12.6, players were introduced to a significant overhaul to the game’s Mythic content system, with the biggest change coming to the gemstones that all players should be familiar with.

Gemstones and prestige points have been removed and replaced by Mythic Essence, a new type of currency that will never expire. Like gemstones and prestige points, Mythic Essence can be used to buy special skins, accessories, and other unique items in the client’s loot tab.

Luckily for the player base, getting this rare currency is pretty straightforward. You can find it in every place that you used to find gemstones and prestige points, like regular Hextech chests, Masterwork chests, and the various orbs that you can earn or buy in the game, according to Riot Games.

Additionally, any gemstones that were in a player’s inventory were automatically changed into 10 Mythic Essence each, and any prestige points that were in a user’s inventory expired back on March 24. The essence drop rate in Masterwork chests has also been increased to offset the removal of prestige points.

To kick off the new system, League players will get a one-time mission on March 31 that will give out 10 Mythic Essence and will expire on May 2. In the Mythic shop, players will have access to prestige skins that range in price from 100 to 200 Mythic Essence. The shop will also contain a collection of limited-time items that will rotate periodically. This set of items, for example, will rotate when Patch 12.12 hits on June 23.

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