How long is an average League of Legends match?

Give me half an hour.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Wondering if you can squeeze in one last match before you call it a day is a common part of playing League of Legends. A long match can be draining whether you win or lose, especially if you have other plans or just want to sleep after the game ends.

Playstyles and champion picks often help set the length of a match. A game filled with players who like being active on the map will affect its length, and a team playing with champions that shine in the late game will naturally try to prolong a match.

While every League player may have a guesstimate on how long a match usually takes, some sources can answer the question for good with decent data to back their results up. These sources use Riot’s API to collect the durations of matches and come up with averages.

League of Graphs features a page that features all the game durations from different rankings. You can check out the average durations for each rank tier and region. A button on the top right corner of the screen allows you to change the region, and the site will automatically show you the average of all regions if you don’t make any changes.

The following table shows how long an average League match is as of writing this article. These average game lengths also include matches that end with a team surrendering.

Rank tierAverage game length

Professional games can last longer than usual since most teams bide their time and focus on objectives before picking fights. The cautious nature of competitive players causes professional matches to last slightly longer than ranked matches.