12 December 2017 - 20:07

Honor levels are being reset next season, and more changes are coming for the new system

Great news for those naughty honor level one players out there.
Image via Riot Games

If you're super proud of your hard-earned honor level five in League of Legends, you may be disappointed to learn that honor levels are being reset at the beginning of season eight, according to Riot's announcement today.

If you've been punished for bad behavior and are currently sitting at honor level one or zero, you will remain at your lower level.

All honor progress is being reset, which means you'll be restarted at level two no matter where you are now otherwise—even if you're an honorable level five. This new honor system was just introduced this summer, and despite its rather young age, it's being changed for the coming year.

Players will now hit checkpoints while progressing to the next honor level, but only between levels two and four. If you are punished for bad behavior again and get demoted to level one, the system to reach level two is still the same—you'll have to prove over the course of many games that you've reformed.

There will be three checkpoints per level, and each checkpoint will be reflected on a player's profile. Depending on what level your honor is now, you will be reset to a certain checkpoint when the system resets. Honor level five will be reset to level two at the third checkpoint, level four will be reset to level two at the second checkpoint, level three at the first checkpoint, and level two will become a fresh level two.

Rewards are changing to match the new checkpoint system, too. You'll periodically receive Honor Capsules depending on your level, still, but you'll also receive an Honor Orb each time you pass a checkpoint. Orbs will contain key fragments and champion shards, while capsules may contain those plus cosmetics and emotes.

The changes to the honor system are on the PBE right now, and should go into effect on the live server within the next month.

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