Here is every perfect game in LCS history

Striving for perfection.

Photo via Riot Games

At the highest level of competitive League of Legends, one of the hardest feats to accomplish is the perfect game. It’s the ultimate form of dominance in a scene where most teams are relatively equal in major regions.

A perfect game consists of a team beating an opponent while also preventing them from taking a single tower, major objective, or kill. It’s almost impossible to pull off, though, since most teams are able to rotate and find time to take a tower or trade an objective, even when in a losing situation.

In North America’s LCS, for example, there have only been seven perfect games in the league’s history. From 2013 to 2022, six teams have completed the endeavor, with only one team achieving two perfect games.

Every perfect game in LCS history

Vulcun vs. Complexity (Spring 2013 – week three)

Team Dignitas vs. Complexity (Spring 2013 – week four)

Immortals vs. Team Impulse (Spring 2016 – week one)

Cloud9 vs. Phoenix1 (Summer 2017 – week two)

Evil Geniuses vs. CLG (Summer 2020 – week one)

Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest (Summer 2021 – week two)

Team Liquid vs. Immortals (Summer 2022 – week one)