Heartseeker Jinx, Yuumi hit the Rift in League’s Patch 10.3

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your bot lane duo in style.

Image via Riot Games

League fans, get your wallets ready. Riot Games is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by dropping two new holiday-themed skins: Heartseeker Jinx and Yuumi. The skins will go live with True Damage Senna’s Prestige Edition later this week during the Patch 10.3 cycle.

Heartseeker Jinx dresses the gunslinger in a pink and rosy red outfit with curled violet pigtails. Fishbones, Jinx’s rocket launcher, sports a teddy bear-like mouth with a button for an eye and her traps are hearts with lacey teeth.

Heartseeker Yuumi marks the Magical Cat’s first skin since her release in May 2019. The skin recolors the support champion as white and pink with a heart-shaped version of Book. Yuumi’s abilities feature pink and gold heart-like designs and her Prowling Projectile explodes into rose petals upon hit.

Both skins will cost 1,350 RP and come with seven chromas each for players to purchase at an additional cost.

True Damage Senna’s Prestige Edition is also hitting the Rift in this patch cycle. The skin, like Prestige True Damage Qiyana, has been designed by luxury designer Louis Vuitton and will arrive in the Hextech Crafting tab for 100 Prestige Points.

Patch 10.3 launches on League’s live servers tomorrow morning. League’s newest Valentine’s Day skins will become available in the client’s store on Feb. 6.