Hanwha Life Esports upsets Liiv Sandbox, now just one series away from Worlds qualification

Tomorrow's matches will decide whether we see Chovy at this year's Words.

Image via Hanwha Life Esports

Hanwha Life Esports and the Church of Chovy are now one step closer to qualifying for Worlds after today’s 3-1 victory over Liiv Sandbox.

The team will now have to face Nongshim RedForce in the second round of the League of Legends Champions Korea Regional Qualifiers. This series will decide which of the two teams will qualify for Worlds, alongside DWG KIA and T1 from the region.

Despite losing the first match of this series, HLE was able to remain mentally strong and closed the next three games in succinct and comfortable fashion, led by their two carries Deft and Chovy. The pair felt so comfortable in the skill matchup in this series that at one point in game three, the two jumped into the Baron pit by themselves, securing a team fight ace and a quadra kill for Deft on his Aphelios.

The final game of the series was perhaps the most one-sided match in LCK’s recent weeks. Chovy was extremely proactive on the map early on, using Twisted Fate’s global mobility and crowd control to snowball the game through the side lane advantages he was creating. The constant pressure eventually resulted in a triple kill from Willer on Viego, and an easy march onto the enemy’s Nexus.

Nongshim RedForce and Hanwha Life Esports face off for the final qualifying spot for this year Worlds tomorrow, Sept. 1, with all the action kicking off at 4am CT on the LCK’s Twitch channel.

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Samuel O'Dwyer
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