GoSu Pepper/Edward Interview – “me and diamond kinda hated each other in team for 2 years, then we grow up and everything changed. i consider him as a brother :)”

Interview with Edward, support of Gambit Gaming.

Over the course of this season, I’ve become friendly with Gambit’s support player Edward. A few days ago, we did a text interview together!

Question: Hi Edward, thanks for doing this interview! I wanted to begin by asking what you thought of your own season as an individual player. What do you think were your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Answer: Hey Ryan, Well, this season was better than last season for sure, I was kinda stuck in my play around Season 3. Biggest influence in my play was made by Forg1ven(laning phase) and Shaunz(GamePlay overall). I think a lot of people noticed that I played way better than last split for example, but that wasn’t enough. My biggest strenghts was laning phase with Forg1ven, no doubt we were best bot lane in EU LCS at the end of  the split, it’s unlucky that we  got banned. And my weakness was my map pressure most of the times. That doesn’t mean I did not have other strenths and weakness, those were just the biggest ones!
Question: Building off of that I wanted to ask you who you thought were the top supports in EU currently. What do you think of the support meta, what kind of players shine?
Answer: Its hard to say who is ‘top’ support in EU LCS, to everyone YellowStar instantly comes to mind. I was thinking about this a bit and top support at this moment will ge KaSing , he got one of the best laning phases from supports and his map pressure (roaming wards) are on point most of the times.
Overall this meta is kinda ‘easy’ for support players and bot lane overall, at the moment you don’t play for laning phase at all pretty much, all you try to do is  survive till 1st recall>group with jungler> use wards> maybe fight 2v2 in jungle with enemy support jungle> pressure mid> go back to lane> suck laning phase> wait until your top lane TPs bot> u fight 5v5> whoever wins bot fight most likely gonna win game.
(for teams around even skill level). For example of course H2k is gonna dumpster on Giants on an individual level, you don’t even need to show teamplay or whatever.  
TLDR CURRENT META SUX D1CK + and in this meta you rely way too much on your AD Carry in lane. It’s not a support meta.
Question: Moving on to your bot lane partner, what was it like playing with Forg1ven? Is he as good as everyone says he is?
Answer: Oh baby! Outside of the team it was really cool to play with him, I consider him a good friend even though he kind of “RIPed” our playoff chances etc. In team it was very hard for him to work, he was waiting from everyone to ‘perfect play’ and cuz of that we were having unneccecary conflicts, even though we had  best scrim record against Fnatic(from what i know) and other top teams (like H2k and Origen) > we couldnt win in LCS against bad teams cuz we were too cocky. Forgiven is realy realy hard working player, but if he see that someone is not putting as much impact as him or something like that he is gonna ’tilt’ or something like that or just not play up to his full limits in LCS games. Even though we didnt had really big succes with forgiven in Gambit, I’m happy i had chance to play with him 🙂 

Question: What did you think of Riot’s 4-game suspension of Forg1ven?
Answer: Well Riot said themself that they are not gonna punish the team if 1 player failed or something . But what they do when Forgiven failed > they ban him from team > we have to use sub that we didnt play with for 3month minimum or ever at all and we have most important week in LCS ! What Riot could do, its just do a fine, or something that punishes ONLY FORGIVEN, not the whole team. At the end I had to play with another support player on bot lane(Moopz) and i played badly in those 2 games cuz I was not confident at all in playing laning phase etc. I kinda had to macromanage him in game and i couldnt focus on myself and in the stuff I’m doing normaly. I guess Riot just hates our team!
Question: You guys picked Taric into Kalista for two games and then dropped the pick as the season went on. It seemed pretty effective at times, is Taric a good counter for Kalista?
Answer: Taric is really good counter to kalista in most matchups (depends on support kalista have too). But as the season progressed we kinda decided to stay with ‘meta’ picks and play normal. We are good at everything so we were fine with that. We also dropped playing Thresh for some reason even though its my best champ :<

Question: What is it like playing with Diamondprox for so long? People said you guys joined the team together and it’s been over a 3-year run now.

Answer: Oh, i know Diamondprox for  5 years almost. 1st I played  with him some small russian tournament and then year after or a bit less me and him join Empire>M5. Diamond is a really disciplined person and a hardworker, the amount of time he spend in league is insane. Me and Diamond kinda hated each other in team for 2 years, then we grow up and everything changed. i consider him as a brother 🙂
In game he is kind of guy that never give up and fight till the end, he really quicky fixes his mistakes from past game and rarely does them again in the near future. He is best jungler for me even though we are in big slump…
Question: You and Alex Ich have a famous friendship. Do you watch him on the Renegades? What do you think of his team? His support Yuno is well-known for her Thresh, any thoughts on her from the Thresh Prince himself?
Answer: Yea, Alex was my best friend in M5/Gambit. I try to watch his games, but its really hard for me cuz of time difference, I watch some VODS and cheer him up. We talk a few times every week, and I’m really sad that we are not in same team anymore. From what i heard and seen Remillia is good thresh player, but she showed that only in soloq and challenger series, so its really hard to judge. 
Question: When you look back on your career, what champions would you highlight as “Edward champions” that you want to be especially remembered on?
Answer: uhm Nunu, Sona, Thresh, Annie:)
Quesstion: Any last words to your fans and any future plans?
Answer: Well, on the 15th of August we are all as a team gonna fly to Berlin to start practice for relegation, I’ve got small break atm… I want to say thanks to all people who supported Gambit and Myself in this ‘dark’ times i really want to make every Gambit fan proud and happy again.