Lourlo and Matt get revenge against their former team as Golden Guardians defeat Team Liquid

We probably won't see Team Liquid try out Sion again any time soon.

Photo via Riot Games

Last-place North American League of Legends Championship Series team Golden Guardians shockingly upset Team Liquid earlier today.

For Golden Guardians’ Samson “Lourlo” Jackson and Matthew “Matt” Elento, today’s match was a matter of revenge. “I think for me personally, it’s just getting a win versus my former team,” Lourlo told NA LCS host Ovilee May when asked what this win meant to Golden Guardians. “My day is made. This could be one of the happiest days in my life to be honest, just getting a win against [Team Liquid].”

And with Lourlo’s strong sentiments about this win, it’s not surprising that his play specifically played a vital role in Golden Guardian’s victory. Despite being against a rarely seen top lane Sion, Lourlo played out his lane well, and soon demolished teamfights as Gnar.

Lourlo’s great teleport usage and ability to control Gnar’s rage bar allowed the Golden Guardians top laner to reclaim teamfights that looked to be won by Team Liquid. Although Lourlo’s effectiveness slightly waned once Team Liquid ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng bought armor penetration, the rest of Golden Guardians had his back. With his team’s full focus on Liquid’s carries, Lourlo slipped behind enemy lines to deal multi-man Gnar ultimates.

Now 2-8 in the NA LCS standings, Golden Guardians will face off against OpTic Gaming next on Feb. 24.