Gen.G’s Ruler annihilates Damwon with Kai’Sa pentakill


Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G reinforced their position as the No. 1 team in Korea’s LCK today after taking down Damwon Gaming in back-to-back games.

The first game of the series was a 16-3 stomp. Jungler Clid and mid laner Bdd dominated, putting Damwon in a stranglehold to win in just under 30 minutes. Bdd exhibited his pocket pick Azir, pulling the trigger with his Emperor’s Divide at any opportunity.

Damwon clawed back in the second game and looked to put the series on even footing. This time, after consistently losing the pick and ban phase, they had a promising composition. It was a little jagged around the edges and it was far from conventional, but it almost worked. 

Canyon’s jungle Sylas led the League of Legends team to an early lead. But instead of closing the game out, they got ahead of themselves and threw at Baron in true Dignitas fashion.

Clid swooped in and stole the Baron away before Ruler’s Kai’Sa cleaned up with the pentakill. Ruler ran rampant and annihilated Damwon, almost going untouched throughout the entirety of the fight. From there, it was game, set, and match.

Gen.G now have an impressive 9-1 record, losing only to second-place T1 earlier in the season. They’ll face off against Afreeca Freecs on Saturday, March 28, where they’ll look to further cement their lead in the LCK.