Galio player lands perfectly timed Hero’s Entrance to save friendly Xayah in League match

Never underestimate the Colossus.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends lore, Galio is the guardian of Demacia, defending the city’s citizens from danger. And in one recent match, the champion lived up to his name. 

A Reddit user by the name of Janokuchen posted a clip from a League match in which the Colossus steps in to protect his teammate from death with perfect timing.

The video starts with Xayah being overrun in the bottom lane by the enemy Jhin, Nocturne, and Zyra. The three opponents used their abilities to lower Xayah’s health bar and were close to eliminating her from the map. 

It seemed as though the Rebel was about to die when Jhin used Curtain Call (R) and Zyra trapped her with Stranglethorns (R). One more shot from the Virtuoso’s ultimate would have been enough to finish Xayah, but just at the right moment, Xayah’s allied Galio used Hero’s Entrance (R) to intervene. 

The hero takes a bullet for Xayah, saving her life as a result. Afterward, he takes revenge on the enemies by closing the gap between him and Nocturne with Justice Punch (E) and sending him to the fountain. 

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It looks like the Colossus went after opposing Jhin as well, but since the video cuts right after Nocturne’s death, it remains unclear what happened to the marksman.

Videos like these remind League players to always watch out when diving enemies if the opposing Galio is alive. You never know whether he’ll make a heroic entrance and turn the tides of the fight. 

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