Galatasaray Esports banned from 2020 TCL Winter Split after failing to pay salaries

Riot Turkey has taken action.

Image via Riot Games

The TCL’s Galatasary Esports has been banned from competing in the upcoming Turkish League of Legends region’s Winter Split after Riot Games found that the organization had failed to pay salary payments during the 2019 Summer Split.

The organization was given extra time by Riot to pay staff wages but failed to do so, meaning that the organization will be barred from competing for a single split of the season.

As a result, the TCL will feature nine teams instead of the usual 10. There won’t be a substitute team taking over Galatasaray’s place, and the team’s roster will not be allowed to play under a neutral banner. The region’s schedule will likely be shifted to reflect the change.

Furthermore, Riot Turkey has announced that Galatasaray’s right to play in the Summer Split for the TCL will be re-evaluated in the future so long as “steps are taken,” which we can only imagine means when players and staff are actually paid.

If Galatasaray continue to withhold payment from their staff and players, it will likely only be a matter of time until the organization is kicked out of the TCL and replaced by a different organization altogether.