G2 Jankos gets solo victory over 5 Iron players in League of Legends

The pro seems to have found a new training method.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports’ Jankos gave new meaning to the words “solo carry.”

The pro jungler took on five Iron players in a custom League of Legends match during his Twitch broadcast yesterday—and he didn’t die once. His only stipulations were to ban Tryndamere, Master Yi, and Jax, who are all serious counters to Camille.

Jankos amassed 34 kills and zero deaths across the 17-minute lifespan of the match. The pro used Camille’s mobility and burst to quickly eliminate any targets that got in his way while taking turrets out easily using Trinity Force’s Spellblade ability.

It should initially seem difficult to take on five opponents on the Rift who can splitpush and gain small advantages all over the map. But Jankos’ strategy was simple: Get kills, get Heralds, win game.

Aside from picking up massive amounts of gold from taking his enemies out, the pro waited for Rift Herald to spawn. This allowed him to take out turrets quickly without the help of four teammates. The first Herald let him break mid and get tons of gold from turret plates. And the second Herald was used to take out both Nexus turrets and seal the deal.

This wasn’t Jankos’ first try, however. The pro jungler tried out Master Yi first but ultimately lost due to his opponents splitting to claim the Nexus.

To watch more high-level gameplay and one-vs-fives, tune in to Jankos’ Twitch stream.


Andreas Stavropoulos
Staff writer for Dot Esports. Andreas is an avid gamer who left behind a career as a high school English teacher to transition into the gaming industry. Currently playing League, Apex, and VALORANT.