FunPlus Phoenix knock JD Gaming out of 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs

The 2019 world champions have been taking care of business in the playoffs.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix have been wreaking havoc in the 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs, winning their series with decisive movements around the map. And today’s matchup was no different.

The 2019 world champions took down JD Gaming in a one-sided 3-1 series. Today’s series featured a lot of early-game skirmishes and teamfights for objectives. Both League of Legends teams kept looking for ways to come back into the game when behind and refused to give away objectives without a fight. While JDG had a lot of good moments, in the end, FPX thrived with their superior teamfighting mechanics.

The MVP votes for FPX from this showdown went to Lwx and Tian. While the ADC picked up two MVP votes for his strong performances on Aphelios and Tristana, Tian helped his team secure the crucial win in the fourth game and denied JDG’s attempt at a reverse sweep.

The first game of this hyped-up series kicked off with a powerful performance from Lwx. His Aphelios took over the laning phase and teamfights and JDG had no way of stopping him. With a quick 32-minute game, FPX took the first match of the series.

The second game was even more dominant for FPX, leaving no room for errors and picking up the second win in a quick 23-minute stomp. Lwx was the key player for his team once again, finishing deathless on Tristana after a series of aggressive plays that gave FPX a huge lead.

JDG managed to come back strong in the third game, securing a huge early-game lead and slowly climbing to a win. After a series of misplays, they were almost swept by FPX but managed to hold onto their lead to secure their first win of the series.

The fourth game was quite even for both teams at the start. FPX managed to slowly build a lead in gold, towers, and objectives due to superior farming. While JDG managed to win a couple of teamfights, a crucial teamfight win in which Doinb got his pentakill helped FPX come back and take the series 3-1.

FPX will now face Royal Never Give Up on April 7. While FPX have recently been playing well, RNG have had phenomenal showings all split long. This clash will be decided by which top laner steps up since both Nuguri and Xiaohu have been pivotal factors in their team’s wins during the split.

The LPL playoffs continue tomorrow, April 6, with Top Esports vs. Suning at 4am CT.

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