FPX ADC LWX perfectly times Ezreal ultimate to eliminate recalling enemy player in base

LWX pulled off a classic play on the professional stage earlier today.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix AD carry LWX pulled off what could just be the most impressive play of the 2021 LPL Summer Split today during FPX’s week one match against Ultra Prime. Although the LPL Summer Split is just two days into an incredibly lengthy schedule, it’s already looking tough for any other play to top the prediction that LWX made with an Ezreal ultimate.

At the 13-minute mark of FPX’s decisive third game against Ultra Prime today, Ultra Prime mid laner Xiaocaobao was recalling in a bottom lane brush. FPX noticed that Xiaocaobao was returning to base and his location on the mini-map was promptly pinged. From there, LWX charged up his Trueshot Barrage (R) in an attempt to catch him. 

But instead of aiming his ultimate at the bush in which Xiaocaobao was recalling, LWX let his ultimate rip right toward the enemy base. At the precise moment Xiaocaobao’s recall had completed, the Trueshot Barrage was waiting for him in his base.

This decision came to fruition mainly because LWX knew that the Trueshot Barrage would reach the enemy base faster than it would reach the bush in which Xiaocaobao was recalling. 

FPX went on to win this game, as well as today’s series over Ultra Prime by a score of 2-1. LWX posted a final scoreline of 5/1/7 during the last game of the series on Ezreal. 

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