Former LJL player iSeNN arrested by Tokyo police after allegedly committing an ‘obscene act’

He reportedly admitted to the crime.

Image via Riot Games

Takahito “iSeNN” Ogawa, a former professional League of Legends player who competed in the LJL for several seasons, has reportedly been arrested by the Tokyo police, according to Japanese news outlet

The 27-year-old was arrested for allegedly committing an “obscene act to a 15-year-old high school girl at a hotel in Tokyo last October,” according to a machine translation of the report.

The report explains that Ogawa was a police officer himself before turning to a career in esports. The same information is stated on the player’s Leaguepedia. After a three-year tenure as a pro player, iSeNN switched to being an esports expert.

The Japanese outlet also states that Ogawa was a lecturer at multiple high schools and “was investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department after being consulted for damage.”

The Tokyo Metropolitan police department explained that iSeNN admitted to the crime by claiming that “there was no doubt about the investigation,” according to the report.

As a pro player in the Japanese league, iSeNN failed to achieve anything domestically and internationally. He played for Rascal Jester, Hokuto Esports, and AXIZ but never reached the playoffs of the league. He retired from pro play in May 2019.