Fnatic take down Misfits in electric 5-game series to keep Worlds 2021 hopes alive

This was one of the most exciting series of the postseason.

Photo via Riot Games

Fnatic beat Misfits Gaming today in one of the most exciting five-game series of the 2021 LEC Summer Split playoffs, locking in their fateful meeting with G2 Esports in the next round of the postseason while also keeping their dreams of a berth in the 2021 League of Legends World Championship alive.

Throughout most of the series, Fnatic and Misfits both kept the pedal to the metal in terms of their game pace by constantly going for ganks across the map and initiating fights whenever an opportune moment appeared. In the first three games, there was almost a kill per minute. Game two ended with 32 kills in 25 minutes and game three wrapped up with 38 kills in 31 minutes—with Fnatic getting 30 of those kills themselves.

This series had something for everyone, whether it was Razork stealing Baron from Bwipo in game one, Fnatic stomping Misfits in game three, or Misfits narrowly beating out a last-minute base race attempt in game four. It was almost nonstop action in a series that promised to be one of the most explosive of the postseason so far. But after a whole plethora of teamfights, questionable calls, and a handful of game pauses in between, Fnatic stood tall among the carnage.

Fnatic’s rookie top laner Adam had a great series, especially after his lackluster performance against Team Vitality last week. He played Renekton in four out of the five games and played well with his positioning and aggression. But his big moment came when he picked Cho’Gath in the series-deciding match. He even had a huge four-man knock-up that helped secure his squad a teamfight victory and eventually the game.

Fnatic still showed some weaknesses, however, like their aggression leading to them reaching too far for plays that ended poorly. They’ll need to clean up their act before they head off to the next round of the playoffs. Misfits, on the other hand, will be understandably disappointed, but they can still hold their heads up high knowing that they put up one hell of a fight against such an experienced and talented squad.

Looking forward, Fnatic will now have to face off against G2 in a battle between two of the most storied organizations in Europe. For both these teams, they’ll be battling to fight for a chance to win the LEC and the final spot at the 2021 World Championship in China. MAD Lions and Rogue have already booked their ticket for the tournament, but there’s one more EU seat left on the plane.

You couldn’t have scripted it any better than this. Fnatic and G2 have been rivals for so long and this upcoming match feels like the final deciding series that will end this saga once and for all. You can catch all the action when these two titans clash on Sunday, Aug. 22.

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