Fnatic qualify for LEC playoffs with clean victory over Rogue in week seven of 2022 Spring Split

The organization enters the playoffs once more, looking ready to add another victory to its list of accomplishments.

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games via Flickr

The two top teams in the LEC, Rogue and Fnatic, are known for enticing, close games when they meet each other on the Rift. But in today’s battle, Fnatic completely toppled the first-place team, funneling gold directly into their players who could easily match the aggressiveness Rogue attempted to throw at them.

By doing so, Fnatic successfully qualified for the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs, now worried only about regaining that coveted first-place spot in the region.

Rogue jungler Malrang uncharacteristically found himself caught out multiple times throughout this match. The lack of vision that Rogue had around the map, even in their own jungle, forced Malrang to face-check brush and camps, where Fnatic members were laying in wait.

Because of how strong Fnatic’s jungler Razork and AD carry Upset had become, not even Rogue’s turrets could save their team from imminent death. A five-for-nothing teamfight gave Fnatic the Dragon Soul and the option for the Baron, but instead they chose to simply pick up their 10th win of the split, only letting Rogue amass four kills. This game also marked the Fnatic jungler’s 100th game played in the LEC throughout his career, cementing that accolade with a massive victory.

Upset’s win rate on Aphelios, a champion he has consistency performed well on, increased to 67-percent in six games this split, with him also sporting above a 75-percent average kill participation as one of the premiere players contributing to Fnatic’s continued success, according to Oracle’s Elixir. Humanoid’s path of destruction on Twisted Fate also continues, remaining undefeated across all five games that he opted to play the mid lane champion this split, in part thanks to the impressive synergy between him and Razork.

Fnatic now have a 10-4 record, only behind the team that they just handily defeated and unnerved by the teams trailing them. With just four matches remaining for Fnatic in the 2022 LEC Spring Split, the team’s focus shifts from playoff qualification to where they’ll end at the top of the LEC standings and thus where they’ll enter yet another LEC playoffs. 

The rest of the playoff field will be determined in the final four days of the split, where Fnatic have the opportunity to knock out a number of teams from reaching that next step.