Fnatic overpower G2 Esports in LEC’s match of the week, lock in playoffs in 2021 LEC Summer Split

The undefeated streak of Balds has been stopped.

The sixth week of the 2021 LEC Summer Split ended with an incredible series between Fnatic and G2 Esports. Both teams brought out their best picks for this match, but Fnatic overpowered their opponents with superior individual performances in today’s League of Legends series.

The MVP vote went to Adam, the rookie top laner who has been making a huge statement in his debut LEC split. The team first picked Mundo for him and he delivered on the champion, being a huge, unkillable frontline for Fnatic. He finished the match with a KDA of 5/1/9 after withstanding a lot of pressure from his opponents and refusing to simply die since Mundo does what he pleases.

The match opened up with a surprise first blood on Mikyx before minions spawned. The support player was covering the river and Hylissang noticed this alongside Adam and flanked him into Upset, who picked up the first blood gold and started the lane with an item advantage over Rekkles. After 10 minutes of farming, the game quickly degenerated as players across both teams started fighting to build a small lead whenever possible. G2 was coming out on top in these skirmishes and looked in control of the game.

With a small item and gold lead, G2 turned towards the Baron and was in the process of winning a teamfight before Nisqy and Adam turned the tides against them, wiping their opponents and picking up the Baron for their team. This was the breaking point for G2, who got outscaled by their opponent’s composition with Mundo, Karthus, and Irelia.

Even with a losing composition, G2 put up a good fight and was slowly climbing into the game, but a crucial teamfight in the middle lane sealed the deal for Fnatic, where Caps got caught by an impressive Hylissang engage. With a one-man advantage, they were able to kill the remaining members of G2, secure this crucial win, and lock in the playoffs.

Following this victory, Fnatic (10-3) finished the week in first place in the 2021 LEC Summer Split, tied with Rogue, who have had a great split as well. Fnatic’s head-to-head record against Rogue is 1-0 and will most likely pick up the second win as well, after heavily improving over the past couple of weeks. Their losses took place during the initial weeks of the split when the team was still building synergy with Adam in the top lane and Bwipo in the jungle. Next week will be the ultimate test for Fnatic, who will be facing Rogue on Saturday.

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