Fnatic edge out Gen.G at Worlds 2020 to end their undefeated streak

Group C is getting juicier by the minute.

Photo via Riot Games

Fnatic, Europe’s second seed, took down Gen.G today at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship to secure pole position in Group C. The squad overcame Korea’s third seed in a kill-a-minute bloodbath, putting an end to Gen.G’s undefeated start to the tournament

Fnatic (2-1) now stand firmly above the LPL’s LGD Gaming and the LCS’ TSM in Group C—previously considered one of the most competitive groups of the tournament. 

With clean and concise gameplay and a favorable pick and ban phase today, Fnatic took the early game advantage, abusing Life’s flashless Rakan in the laning phase. They struck gold at level one, securing first and second blood, before snowballing their lead. 

Gen.G clawed back, but when it came down to the mid-game skirmishes and late-game teamfights, Fnatic had the upper hand. In the end, the team found the kills they needed, chaining their abilities and wiping the floor with Gen.G.

Fnatic are now tied for first with Gen.G in Group C at 2-1—a favorable position going into week two of the group stage. They’ll try to fend off TSM, LGD, and Gen.G on Saturday, Oct 10, where they’ll either advance to the knockout stage of the tournament or leave Worlds 2020 empty-handed.

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