Fnatic dismantle G2 Esports in LEC’s match of the week, extend win streak to 5 games

The team bounced back quickly after an 0-2 start of the split.

Fnatic took down G2 Esports in the LEC’s match of the week today, extending their win streak to five games after a shaky start to the 2021 Summer Split.

During the offseason, there were many doubts about Fnatic’s future with Bwipo’s role swap to the jungle. Most of them proved to be right during the first couple of matches after the League of Legends team failed to find wins against Misfits Gaming and MAD Lions. But after Fnatic took down Rogue in their third match of the split, something seemed to click within the team. They are currently on a winning spree three weeks into the split.

In today’s match, rookie top laner Adam picked up the MVP vote after his stellar Renekton performance. The pick came as an answer to Wunder’s Viego and worked out wonders during the laning phase. After securing a couple of solo kills, he became a wall G2 failed to pass through with their composition.

Starting from the draft phase, it looked like Fnatic had an edge over G2, who opted for a snowballing composition with a lot of physical damage-oriented champions. The only source of reliable magic damage for G2 was Rumble, who doesn’t have that much impact if he doesn’t get an early lead. Fnatic picked Taric in their last round of the draft to perfect their scaling composition that could easily deal with G2 as long as they wouldn’t fall behind.

During the match, G2 went for a lot of aggressive plays around the map with Mikyx using the Pantheon pick to secure vision for his team and deny it for Fnatic. But once Fnatic started grouping up, they began winning fights and securing objectives. Once they picked up the Baron, they easily passed through G2’s defenses and closed out the match.

Fnatic (5-2) will have two easy matches next week against Schalke 04 and SK Gaming. Both teams are currently sitting in ninth and 10th place in the standings and should prove no challenge for Fnatic. G2 (4-3), on the other hand, had a lackluster 0-2 weekend with losses mostly attributed to a poor draft phase. They’ll have a chance to redeem themselves next week once they face the leader in the standings, Misfits.

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