Can Alliance hold off Fnatic? Our prediction to win

When it comes to European League of Legends, no team is more successful than Fnatic

When it comes to European League of Legends, no team is more successful than Fnatic. And on day two of the fourth week of LCS competition, Fnatic will be playing against the current kings of Europe, Alliance, whose 7-1 record gives them a substantial lead in the race towards the playoffs.

Fnatic, however, have a lot of things going for them. Their match on day one against SK Gaming (6-2) went strongly in their favor, and star marksman Martin “Rekkles” Larsson had 10 kills, 10 assists, and only a single death. As we noted yesterday, when Larsson gets rolling, he is nigh unstoppable. Alliance, however, will prove a bigger challenge for Fnatic. We turned to the stats to see exactly how these two teams pair up.

On the surface, these teams are very even. Their CS charts are almost all the same, with Alliance’s jungler Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema showing the only big matchup lead against his opponent. The big key here is the marksman matchup, where Larsson and Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert of Alliance both show to power up evenly as the game goes long. This match may very well be decided by who can overcome the other in the duo lane.

The team comparison, however, shows some hints as to who will come out on top. When Alliance play on the red side of the map, they dominate the objectives, including over 80 percent of all Baron kills. They also are the odds-on favorite to take the first tower, a large indicator of who will go on to win the game. With this in mind, Alliance should be able to take another win here, extending their lead on the rest of the league.

Infographic by LoLStats | Photo via Fnatic/Facebook