Fiddlesticks VGU is “just around the corner,” Reav3 says

The terrifying demon is waking soon.

Riot taking poll on next rework
Image via Riot Games

Fiddlesticks mains might not have to wait too much longer to ambush their enemies from the shadows with a new look and feel.

Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, Riot Games’ lead champions producer, confirmed last night that the Harbinger of Doom’s visual and gameplay update was “just around the corner.”

The producer also talked about how the early development blogs gave players a sneak preview at the champion, but also served as a way to obtain and “incorporate any feedback from players.”

Reav3 said that while it looked like the VGU was almost complete since the base model for Fiddlesticks was “far along,” there was a need to rebuild the champion’s catalog of skins to fit the character after the update.

The dev blog showcased several aspects of Fiddlestick’s VGU, going into technical detail about how the team came up with the new model. It also showcased the champion’s animations and one of its signature skills, Crowstorm.

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The scarecrow’s new look is completely and utterly unnatural, which further enhances the champion’s creepiness and horrifying kit.

There’s still no set date for Fiddlesticks’ update, but we know for sure that the nightmares and jumpscares will swiftly follow.