Fantasy LCS is live for the 2018 Spring Split

Grab some friends and create your team.

Image via Riot Games

Fantasy LCS is finally live for the 2018 League of Legends Spring Split.

Fans can create a fantasy league of four, six, or eight players on the Fantasy LCS website. When a Fantasy LCS league is full, the host can initiate the draft, which allows fans to pick a bunch of professional players to create their fantasy teams. Once every team has locked in, fantasy players will be put up against an opponent in their league each week.

Week one begins on Jan. 19 with the EU LCS and ends on Jan. 21 with the final NA LCS match of the week.

Fantasy players will earn points when the professionals on their team take part in a match in the EU or NA LCS. As that player kills an opponent or takes objectives, your fantasy team will earn points.

The team that has the most points at the end of the week wins that match. Players will then face a different opponent the following week.

Fantasy players can also trade their professionals with other teams or swap them out for free agents each week.

The fantasy season will end after week nine of the NA and EU LCS Spring Splits. The team that won the most matches over the nine weeks will be crowned the winner of the fantasy league.