Fan creates breathtaking cosplay of Arcane’s Mel Medarda

A near replica of Mel Medarda from Arcane.

Image via Netflix screenshot.

This cosplayer recreated Arcane’s Mel Medarda and her take on the Arcane character is absolutely breathtaking and an accurate depiction of the Piltover politician.

Mel Medarda is a character featured throughout Arcane, Riot Games’ hit animated Netflix series.

Even with her power and prestige throughout the series, the thing that has captured most people’s hearts is the design of Mel Medarda, whose steampunk aesthetic has been widely regarded for its intricate detail and fashion. The character has even received a nomination for her design at the Annie Awards.

So when Panterona, a Trinidadian cosplayer, created her own spin on the Arcane character, fans of both League of Legends and Arcane could only marvel at the stunning take of the character.

Image via Panterona Reddit Post.

“Here is my hand-made Mel Medarda Cosplay,” Panterona wrote in a Reddit post. “As soon as I saw her in Arcane, I knew I had to try to bring her to life.

Panterona is a Trinidadian cosplayer who has accumulated 47,000 followers on Instagram, where her portfolio of various cosplays can be seen on display. Still, her most recent cosplay of Medarda has stolen the hearts of the League community.

Her cosplay has received major recognition in the League of Legends community since posting and has collected more than 5,500 upvotes on the League subreddit and more than 10,000 upvotes on the Arcane subreddit.

“I absolutely loved her character design,” Panterona said in the Reddit post. “We also brainstormed for months on the artistic direction and set design and I think what we came up with, in the end really works.”

A great take on the Arcane character, Panterona’s next cosplay will have high expectations placed on it as the community awaits her next cosplay. Luckily, for League of Legends fans, that next set of cosplays has been revealed to be Senna and Karma.

Image via Riot Games

Arcane has been announced for a second season in a teaser that highlights voices from Caitlyn, Jinx, and Vi. The release date is likely to fall sometime at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. For now, all nine episodes of Arcane season one are now streaming on Netflix for you to catch up or analyze before the second season.

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