Faker hits new milestone, plays 650th game in LCK

The legendary mid laner is keeping up with the rookies even after being in the scene for so long.

Photo via Riot Games

Faker has reached a new milestone in his League of Legends career, playing his 650th game in the LCK yesterday in the series against Afreeca Freecs.

Even though T1 didn’t have the greatest start of the split, Faker was able to lead his team to significant victories against other top-tier LCK teams. In his latest series vs. Afreeca Freecs, he picked up both MVP votes after a stellar performance, showing that he can still carry when needed.

At the start of the split, he was usually put on utility champions. But vs. Afreeca, he was given carry mid laners and he keeps delivering on them, taking down his opposing laner with ease before roaming around the map and helping his team build a huge lead.

Faker is one of the oldest League players across all regions, making his debut in 2013 for SKT Telekom T1 2, the sister team of SKT Telekom T1 1. He’s been playing for the same organization, since rebranded as T1, for over eight years. His teammates have come and gone, picking up three League world championships with different rosters. He continues to adapt his playstyle and suit to the team, playing utility or carry champions as needed depending on the meta.

While some mid laners look better in stats and are trying to replicate Faker’s success, they’re still a long distance away considering his accomplishments. You can catch Faker in action adding to his all-time LCK record in T1’s next matchup against Liiv SANDBOX tomorrow at 6am CT.

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