Faker dumbstruck after ally Tahm Kench accidentally devours LeBlanc clone instead of saving him

And it's hilarious.

Photo via Riot Games

Aside from being the best League of Legends player in the world, Faker is known for his stoic and calm demeanor. But solo queue can frustrate even the most relaxed players.

One Faker fan captured the T1 mid laner getting taken out in hilarious fashion during his Douyu broadcast today. When one of his teammates made a crucial error, it caused a level of exasperation rarely seen from the veteran.

Faker found himself in a dire situation. With no health or mana, the pro could do little to stop the Karthus Qs eating away at his life. But with a friendly Tahm Kench nearby, a simple solution would be for the River King to use Devour (W) and save the day. Unfortunately for Faker, things weren’t quite that easy.

The pro’s passive on LeBlanc activated, creating a clone that should normally bamboozle only enemies. It appears that the ally Tahm Kench was also deceived, however, devouring the clone instead of the actual player. This left Faker high and dry to take one more Karthus Q and earn himself a one-way ticket to the gray screen.

Ironically, Tahm Kench devouring the clone caused Faker to take even more damage from Karthus. The Deathsinger’s Lay Waste deals double damage when only hitting one target. With the clone gone, Faker took double Q damage and was taken out immediately.

To watch some more top-tier and hilarious gameplay, tune in to Faker’s Douyu stream.