Failed Ahri charm turns into Flash prediction

This play wasn't a mistake, it was a happy accident.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes when you try your best to achieve something, you fail miserably. On the other hand, there are also situations, when you make a mistake, but it works for you just fine.

The same rules apply to League of Legends, and one streamer’s play is a perfect example of the latter. The clip begins with the streamer, LegitKorea, playing Ahri in the middle lane, just a few moments after he hit level six, thus unlocking his Spirit Rush (R).

With the help of Gwen he managed to eliminate the enemy, but then, the opponent Graves approached. Low on mana and health, both Ahri and Gwen tried to escape, but it’s not as easy a task against Graves as some would think. The Outlaw was successful in closing the gap, pushing both enemies to fight him.

When the fight escalated, Graves realized that LegitKorea had a double buff and could hide behind his minions, which forced him to fall back. In order to catch him, Ahri Flashed and used Charm (E), which would have missed the Outlaw completely. But then, much to the player’s surprise, Graves used his Flash as well, right into the spell’s path.

This resulted in jungler moving towards Ahri, who quickly finished off the Charmed gift.

This highlight serves as a reminder to never give up in League, and that sometimes even the most random skill shots can find their target.

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